Flippin’ Fun

She went viral with her fun floor routine. ULCA’s Katelyn Ohashi is a senior on the Gymnastics Team and loves to dance to the music. If you are anything like us, then you have watched the video at least a dozen times.

In ESPNW’s latest tweet about Ohashi, she tells the world that she was just trying to have fun. Her routines show her personality: lively and free-flowing. She is thankful for the environment that her coach, Miss Val, has established within their program, letting the girls be themselves, encouraging them to relax, and wanting the sport to be fun.

Sports, especially college athletics can be tricky. The coach has recruited you to perform at your best. There are the pressures from your coaches, parents, but also your teachers. These student-athletes have a heck of a lot on their plate.

We can all take away something from Ohashi’s routines: have fun. Enjoy the ride. Whether you are a college athlete, or a recreational one, take time to remember why you fell in love with your sport.

Bring the energy. Bring the heat. And bust a move.

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