Book Review: What Made Maddy Run

What Made Maddy Run: The Secret Struggles and Tragic Death of an All-American Teen by Kate Fagan

It is no secret what made Maddison Holleran run: her competitiveness and athleticism. The real question is: what made Maddy stop? What made her life come to a halt in the second semester of her college career.

Kate Fagan, ESPN sports reporter and journalist, first wrote the piece as an ESPN feature, but it soon grew. “Slpit Image” told the story of Maddy’s social media footprint; how she presented herself and how she really felt were quite different. Fagan wanted to know more about Maddy and what went wrong. She wanted to tell Maddy’s story to the world, because it is a far too common one.

Maddy’s story is one of joy, success, and love but it is also about personal struggle, depression, and suicide. Fagan interrupts-no that is not quite the word- interjects the story of Maddy with her own story. Fagan played college basketball at the University of Colorado. She thought about quitting her sophomore year when the pressure of college athletics was becoming too much to bear. She was being crushed by something that she used to love.

Through telling Maddy’s, and part of her own story, Fagan lets her readers know that they are not alone. Struggling with mental health is common. There are people who can help you. Whether you are reading this as a coach, a parent, a student, or an athlete, there is so much to learn.

Thank you, Kate Fagan for telling Maddy’s story. And thank you, Maddy, for being such a strong and beautiful person.

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