Reffing the Game

Women are taking over the sporting stage. Sure, they are excelling on the field as payers and coaches, but also as referees. Today, we celebrate these women.

If you have checked the sporting news, you would have seen that Sarah Thomas became the first woman to officiate in a NFL playoff game. This was not the only time that Thomas has been the first. She was the first woman to officiate a major college football game, the first to officiate in a Big Ten stadium, and the first to officiate in a college bowl game.

Way to go, Sarah!

We hope that Thomas’s journey has shown that women are just as capable as men on the field, whether they are playing or officiating. She has shown the world that there is yet another place for females in football. Young girls and football fans alike and appreciate what Thomas has brought to the game.

Here are five other women who have reffed the game of men’s sports.

  1. Violet Palmer: NBA
  2. Bernice Gera : First female umpire in the MLB ~1972 (there has not been one since)
  3. Heather McDaniel: NHL
  4. Lauren Holtkamp: NBA
  5. Felisha Mariscal: MLS

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