Tough as Armour

Under Armour has created campaigns to support the actions of their female athletes. These commercials are selling more than a product. They are selling more than a brand. They are designed to support a particular stance and a particular woman. A strong woman. Anyone and everyone can be a strong, female athlete. There are so many definitions of an athlete and Under Armour is promoting these working definitions.

The female athletes that are shown in the videos have struggled in their careers and endeavors.  They pushed through, kept training, and kept setting goals for themselves.

Under Armour : I Will What I Want

This campaign displays powerful female athletes who have overcome adversities in their sport.

Misty Copeland

Copeland was told that she was not the right height for ballet. She was not the right body type. She was not the right color. But that did not stop her.

Gisele Bündchen

Sure, Bündchen is a model. That is not all that defines her. She prides herself in her strength and fitness. She fights her haters on and off the runway.

Under Armour: Unlike Any

This campaign includes spoken word poetry. When the poet reads the soft, yet strong words, the athletes train. They move with the rhythm of the voices and bring the poems to life.

Natasha Hastings

Hastings is a world-class track star. She is also a world-class stunner. Running with makeup makes her feel empowered.

Lindsay Vonn

Skiing for such a long time is no easy task. It’s even more incredible that she continues to win medals. After each crash, each fall, each injury, Vonn chose to get back out there. She could have stopped, quit, and hung up her skis. But she was unlike any. Although Vonn has announced that she will be stepping away from racing at the end of this season, she will remain a downhill queen.

These commercials are more than a piece of clothing. These campaigns are inspiring the younger generations and showing them that it is possible. Sure, their sports bras support the women who wear them, but these commercials support all women! 

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