Nasty Nassar

This one is a little heavy. Nonetheless, it is important to highlight the strength and courage of these women. 

Dr. Larry Nassar was a trusted professional. He worked with the young girls of USA Gymnastics and with the people of Michigan State University. He provided “treatment” to the athletes in need. When he was supposed to be helping them, he was hurting them.

Dozens of people overlooked and dismissed the reports. Nassar claimed that the treatment that he was giving to the athletes was necessary and mandatory.

He has scarred so many lives. He took advantage of his power and of his patients’ trust and vulnerability. That trust for a professional has been lost forever.

He started abusing his power thirty years ago. 

Aly Raisman was one of the athletes that decided to step forward and make a statement against Nassar in court.

How could a human do this to another human? The reality is that Nassar is not alone. Many people use their power to hurt others. Thousands of women, and men, report being sexually assaulted, but their reports are dismissed. It is only when a professional athlete or a celebrity is involved that the claims are taken seriously. This needs to change. 

Survivors took to the stage during the 2018 ESPYS to accept the Arthur Ashe Courage Award as ‘Sister Survivors.’

To all of the girls, women, and victims of Dr. Nassar, thank you for speaking up. Thank you for giving all other survivors a voice. We love you and we are sorry.

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