Knight’s Fight

What would you do to fight for your sport?

The face of women’s hockey in the United States, Hilary Knight, wants to change the sport. She is fighting for one league. A league that will give the women of ice hockey more visibility.

In a recent video produced by Red Bull, Knight and other professional women’s hockey players discuss the divide that exists in the sport. It is not only the divide of inequality between the men’s and women’s leagues, but the distribution of resources in the women’s league. There is the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL) and then there is the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL).

These two leagues split the talent of women and they split the fans. Why can’t there just be one league that highlights the best in all of women’s hockey?

That is what Knight and her teammates are working towards.

The CWHL announced that it will halt all operations beginning in May of 2019. This is it. This could turn the tides.

CWHL players responded in the best way possible:

“We want to build a better future for ourselves and for generations of women to come. That begins now.”

Dare to lead. Dare to make a difference. Dare to change.

Knight has won all there is to win in hockey, but she still wants to win this fight.

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