Book Review: Trophy Son

Trophy Son by Douglas Brunt

(we know it’s about a son and not a daughter, but we will let it slide this time)

This book is fictional but factual. The main character, Anton Stratis, has been groomed his whole life for one thing: tennis. But is being the best tennis player in the world his dream or his father’s?

This might seem like your typical overbearing parent who pushes their child to succeed in sports and in life. And it is. But it is also a book of discovery and well-being.

Anton battles with his own thoughts as well as those of his father.

Anton makes it to the biggest stages in tennis. It is everything that he always dreamed of. But was it all worth it? Being at the top of his game has taken a toll on his relationships, his body, and his mind.

It’s time for Anton to step up the the baseline, and play his own game.

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