Female Leaders

Why is it so important to have females in leadership and administrative positions in athletics?

Because women deserve it, that’s why. Plus it helps the industry.

As of 2016, only 40% of women’s teams were coached by women in the NCAA. Meanwhile, 97% of men’s teams were coached by men. If men are so often coached by men, then why doesn’t it work that way for women?

If we look back through women’s sporting history it is easy to see that female coaches CAN and HAVE excelled.

The number of women in high-ranking administrative potions is even lower than those in coaching, with only 20% of NCAA athletic directors being female.

Although we focus on female coaches at the college level, more female coaches are needed at every level. Having more female coaches in recreational leagues, middle schools, and high schools would help to keep young girls in sports.

Female athletes deserve to be coached by females just as females deserve the opportunity to coach. These coaches act as role models, shaping the lives of their athletes and encouraging them to pursue their dreams. That, that right there, could lead to more female coaches.

It’s important that the amount of women in leadership positions increases both for current professionals and for the athletes. If female athletes see more female coaches and administrators, then they are more likely to pursue those same roles and potions.

If they see it, then they will believe it.

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