2018: Undefeated

As 2018 comes to a close, we see one sports recap after another. Highlights of all major sporting events that took place throughout the year, more importantly (for us) female sporting events.

Shout out to Simone Biles for being #1 in ESPN Magazines Dominant 20! We love Simone.

Instead of making another list of the top moments in women’s sports this year, let’s talk about a song. That’s right. S-O-N-G. In ESPNW’s 2018 recap video, they featured “Undefeated” by artist Rayana Jay.

Jay starts the first verse by stating that no matter how hard she works, people will tell her that it’s not enough. She has to work twice as hard as others and does not receive the recognition. No one has walked in her shoes.

But she keeps fighting through the chorus, keeping her head up high.

Verse two comes through with Jay breaking records like it’s nothing new. She and all women have always been doing this.

Then comes the bridge. Jay mentions female phenoms Serena Williams,  Flo Jo, Gabby Douglas, and Candace Parker. This is where you really understand that Jay is talking about female, specifically black, athletes.

Oh, oh, oh, whoa
Oh, oh, oh, whoa
Demeanor like Serena, dripping all in gold (gold)
Speeding past my haters, got me running like Flo Jo (oh)
Just like Gabby, we flip the script
Candace Parker, we just don’t miss (oh, oh, oh)
We undefeated

Perhaps the most powerful word in “Undefeated” is “WE”. She is not alone. You are not alone. We are all together. You know what they say, “Empowered women empower women.”

Looking back on 2018, we were all undefeated. Female athletes have shown the world, yet again, the power of sports. Let’s do the same in 2019, ladies!

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